Everything you need
             in camera support.

Make your custom FlyPack according to your budget.

FlyPacks Cases

TVPG Flypak 3 Rack Wide Case

Jig welded shock mount case with electric monitor lift.

TVPG Accessory Case

Holds Cameras, Tripods, Cables, Headsets, Microphones.



Super Wide Angle Lens 3-Mode Fine Focus / Digi Zoom Demand - Serial Digital Remote Control - 14x Zoom with 2.2x Extender - Digi-power Servo/High Optical Quality - Focal Length - 9.9-138mm (2 x 0.2) - Aperture - 1:1.8(4.5-41mm)/1:2.8(63mm) - Minimum Object Distance - 0.3 m

Fujinon XA20sx8.5BERM

20X Zoom Lens with 2X TeleGExtender.

Cameras & Accessories

Panasonic Ak-GHC3800

2/3" 2.3 Mega Pixel HD Camera Head.

Panasonic AK-GHCU200

Camera Control UnitGSMPTE Optical Fiber.

Panasonic AK-GHRP200

Remote Operation Panel.

Panasonic AK-GHVF70

7" HiGResolution Studio Viewfinder.

Panasonic AG-CVF10G

3.45 HD color LCD viewfinder.

Panasonic AW-GHE120K

Robotic PTZ Camera with 22X Leica Zoom Lens.

Panasonic AG-RP50

Robotic Cameras Controller.

Fujinon MS-01

Remote Zoom and Focus Controls 1 Fujinon ACM17 2/3" Lens Adaptor.

Fujinon ACM17

2/3" Lens Adaptor.

Sony VCT-­14

Tripod Adaptor Plate.

Libec LS-60M(2A)

Tripod, head, mid-­level spreader & bag.

Libec PH-7

Extendable Pan Handle.

Libec DL-3

Dolly wheels.

TVPG EC4 Rack Rack

Mounts up to 6 EC4 Paint Panels.

Opticon Camera Cable

500 foot hybrid fiber cable with reel.

SMPTE Camera Cable

500 foot/150 meter hybrid fiber cable.

Konova Slider Jib

FULL KIT WITH K2 80 SLIDER jib arm crane timelpase pan tilt

Jimmy Jib

Can be extended from a reach of 3ft. (1.8Mts.) to 40ft (12Mts.). - Can handle cameras up to 50lbs. (22Kg.) at 30ft. (9.1) reach.

Techno Jib 24 ft.

Duch roll 120. - Zoom and Focus for any camera lens. - Jib and Techno can set up in Track Wheels. - Wireless Follow Focus. - Wireless Video Transmiter.

Steadicam HD UltraSeries.

Accesories: Wireless Follow Focus. - Wireless Video Transmiter.

Steadicam HD Archer.

Accesories: Wireless Follow Focus. - Wireless Video Transmiter.

Switcher & Recorder

Panasonic AV-­HS410a

9-Input HD/SD SDI Switcher with Wfm Vector Display.

Black Magic Hyperdeck Studio Pro

HD SSD Recorder.

Black Magic SSD Drive

512GB SSD Drive.

Test - Measurement - Signal Distribution & Battery Backup

Black Magic Compact Videohub

40X40 HD/SD-SDI Video Router.

Black Magic Master Video Control

Router Control Panel.

Black Magic Designs Teranex

HD-SDI to SD-SDI Up/Down/Cross converter.

Black Magic Open Gear Frame

Card Frame.

Black Magic OpenGear Converter


Black Magic OpenGear Converter

SDI to Audio (de-embedder).

Black Magic OpenGear Converter

Audio to SDI (embedder).

Cobalt Digital OpenGear

Analog Audio Distribution Amp (for Mixer Out L and R).

Cobalt Digital OpenGear

Analog Audio Distribution Amp (for Timecode).

Cobalt Digital OpenGear

Analog Video Distribution Amp (for Genlock).

Bittree Audio Patch Panels

48X2 TT- Bantem Patch Panels with 6 Patch Cords.

ESE ES-488

Timecode Generator/Inserter/Reader.

Middle Atlantic

Model 2200R 1650W Battery Backup.

Audio Equipment

Mackie 1604VLZ3 Pro

16-Input Audio Mixer with Roto Kit.

Genelec 8020

Bi-Amplified Near Field Speakers.

Sennheiser HD280

Stereo Headphone Set.

TVPG XLR Audio Cable Kit

XLR Cables in the following lengths 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150.

TVPG BNC Video Cable Kit

BNC Cables in the following lengths 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150.

Marshall AR-AM4-B

4 Stereo Channel Audio Amp with LED Meters.

Monitoring Equipment

Panasonic TH-50PF30U

50" 1080P Plasma Display.

Black Magic Mini Converters


Intercom System

Clearcom MS-702

2 ­Channel Headset/Speaker Main Station.

Clearcom HB-702

2 Channel Flush Mount Remote Stations.

Clearcom RS-601

Single channel wired beltpack.

Clearcom CC-26K

Single open-ear, lightweight headset.

Clearcom CC-95

Single-­ear enclosed headset.

Clearcom CC-95TVPG

Single-­ear enclosed headset with push to talk switch.

Clearcom GM-9

GN-­250-­25 cm/10" Plug-­in gooseneck microphone.

Clearcom MA704

IFB Control Panel with Microphone Jack.

Clearcom PIC-4704

IFB Central Controller Handles up to 4 Talent Receivers.

Clearcom TR50

Monaural IFBTalent Receiver.

Clearcom IF4W4

Interface to Volamp.

Clearcom TW-12c

RTS Interface.

Clearcom IC-25-6

6-­Pin Cable.