Everything you need
             in camera support.

Jimmy Jib


  • Can be extended from a reach of 3ft. (1.8Mts.) to 40ft (12Mts.).
  • Can handle cameras up to 50lbs. (22Kg.) at 30ft. (9.1) reach.
  • Jib and Techno can set up in Track Wheels.
  • Optional Dutch Roll.
  • Wireless Follow Focus.

  • Jimmys from 15feet to 24feet requires 12feetX12feet platform
  • Jimmys from 30feet to 40feet requires 16feetX12feet platform

    Mini Jib Konova Slider

  • Full kit with k2 80 slider.
  • Jib arm crane.
  • Jib and Techno.
  • Timelpase pan tilt.